2016 Clark County Judicial Primary Voter Guide

As most of you know, the primary election for Clark County is June 14, 2016. Although it is generally easy to choose from among the candidates for the state legislature, it is often very difficult to make heads or tails of the judicial candidate. Our judicial selection system is a perfect storm of large districts and non-partisan elections, which means that we may see a large number of candidates on the ballot but have little or no information about any of them. To assist you, I have assembled some information that may be helpful as you make you Primary 2016 choices.

The information provided in the link below is up to date as of 5/31/2016, and is accurate to the best of my ability. If you become aware of inaccuracies or updates, please contact me at rebecca.gill@unlv.edu.

The 2016 Clark County Judicial Primary Voter Guide


Those of you who have seen my previous voter guides may notice that I have not included links to the Las Vegas Review-Journal biennial “Judging the Judges” performance evaluation survey results. There are a couple of reasons for this. First, I have demonstrated the problems with these surveys in popular outlets herehere, and here, in reports here and here, and in scholarly articles here and here. My results have been discussed herehere, and here (although the reporter willfully mischaracterized my argument in this article). However, the full reports can still be a source of useful information for voters, provided that voters interpret them with caution. But the biggest reason I have not included this information here is that the “Judging the Judges” survey seems to have disappeared completely from the LVRJ servers in the last couple of months. If anyone can find them, please let me know.