Teaching is hard. When I first started teaching political science, this fact took me by surprise. I had always found learning to be relatively easy, and it hadn’t occurred to me that teaching would require an “approach,” or a “philosophy.” But, over time, I realized that I needed to focus on specific ways that I can help students connect with and digest the key facts, concepts, and controversies in law, politics, and data analysis. Find my continually-evolving teaching philosophy here. My collection of UNLV syllabi is below:

Older Syllabi

Other Courses Taught

  • Clark University, Worcester, MA (Visiting Professor, Department of Government: 2006-2008)
    • Introduction to American Politics
    • Introduction to Comparative Politics
    • Research Methods
    • Judicial Politics
    • Women in Politics
    • Constitutional Law: Government Powers
    • Constitutional Law: Rights & Liberties
    • Seminar on the Constitutional Law of Presidential-Congressional Relations
  • Western Michigan University, Lansing Campus, Lansing, MI (Visiting Instructor: 2006)
    • Theoretical and Ideological Bases of Contemporary Politics
  • Alma College, Alma, MI (Visiting Instructor: 2005-2006)
    • Introduction to International Relations
    • Introduction to American Politics
  • Michigan State University, East Lansing, MI (Instructor, Department of Political Science: 2002-2005)
    • American Judicial Politics
    • American Constitutional Law
    • Governments and Politics of the World

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